Hipchecks for days!

send me asks theres nothing that catches my eye in my inbox 

No plessy it's okay to be lazy on today because today you b-day be lazy eat frog cake GO WILD

eats cereal at 10:30pm #yolo

Plesioth will teach you ! 

Plesioth got a special “Prom Frog” just for Luma! 

✍ Agnak-nak-naktor please?

✍ vespoid queen. she's adorable

i miss her but she was annoying to fight 

✍ Nargacuga, because there aren't enough panther-wyverns =D

theres plenty of nargas lmao i mean 

✍ for Lagombi, because that bunny is rad.

✍ Zaboazagiru! Or was it Zamtrios now? whatever, shark frog thing from 4.