Hipchecks for days!

I stole some really good tape from my job and maybe one day I’ll make more plesioth keychains 

Hey plessy when 4u comes out want to do a team up

let’s do this


((If (or when!) Plessy gets a rare sub, what colours would you want to see on it? ~))


baby blue/white ice variant ! (i’m a sucker for baby fucking blue) 

(he looks like a fucking dolphin I want this to happen capcom)

My first encounter with a Plesioth had me, a Dual Swords user, fighting this thing for 48 minutes, getting carting twice, and running out of healing items...while my 3DS battery power was flashing red at me. What was your first encounter with a Plesioth like?

Incredibly underwhelming ! 

I was ready to get hipchecked so many times and throw my 3DS out of my window but he wasn’t that bad. I even fought him mostly under water and didn’t even get carted! 

It’s his dumbass tail swipe bullshit that got me and his swim on land attack that i caN NEVER ROLL AWAY FROM WHY MUST YOU HURT ME BAE 

which variant of plesioth do you like better? green or regular?

oh no dont make me choose ! 

it depends on my mood I guess haha sometimes I find Green Plesioth to be very pretty but other times it’s like [picture of regular ples] “MY BABY I LOVE YOU” 

Plesioths as a whole are my favorite I love their stupid fish faces 

98! I haven’t really touched 3U since I beat Alatreon 

Does the mod of the blog actually like to fight plessioth?

Sure ! He’s not that bad and he was alot more worse in Unite and even then i’d still fight him just for fun 

He’s a big dumb fish monster that makes cute noises , i’m in love haha 

send me asks theres nothing that catches my eye in my inbox 

No plessy it's okay to be lazy on today because today you b-day be lazy eat frog cake GO WILD

eats cereal at 10:30pm #yolo